Quality and professionalism are our cardinal principles.
We buy only high quality raw materials to give our customers always the same product, so that they can obtain an excellent yield.


We produce solid and liquid abrasive compounds from over 30 years, our production departments have gradually renewed and strengthened by ensuring the safety of our workers and the same finished product to our regular customers


Our laboratory, where one experiences come to life and get new products, is constantly followed by Dr. Livio Urbani, who besides being the legal representative of our company has also a degree in pharmacy, so expert in chemistry.


Speed and quickness, respecting the timetable production technicians, always characterized us. We deliver within 7 working days with our company vehicles, and for emergency we use affiliated carriers that support us in 24-48 hours.

Production and Tecnology

Our products range goes from the production of solid and liquid compounds to the junction of abrasive belts in all their dimensions, passing through the construction of flap wheels made with our abrasive sheets, nonwoven ventilated and corrugated wheels and also through cotton wheels made on request in relation to the needs of the customer.
Thanks to the attention paid to the selection of raw materials, optimization of production processes and strict and continuous controls of the processing cycle, Dafne products satisfy the demands of our customers.

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Over 30 years of experience

Dafne is an Italian company which from 30 years produces solid and liquid abrasive compounds and trades all the necessary material in the field of metal cleaning.
Originality, innovation, perseverance and continuous investments have made Dafne become an exporting firm in different parts of Europe and the world..


Abrasive products