Solid Compound

Version for cutting

Products based on aluminum selected indicated for roughing with wheels sisal / cotton on all metals. Products also based amorphous diatomaceous particularly suitable non-ferrous metals.

Version for finishing

Products based on aluminum highly selected particularly suitable for polishing of the surfaces, to be used with wheels in cotton to obtain results of sure success. In this series there are also products made from iron oxide or chromium oxide, as well as based aluminas special highly selected to meet the particular needs goldsmith

Series Solid super final polishing

Rein ALFA solid compound  for super finishing color white suitable for all surfaces to remove any imperfection in the lapping

Series Specialty Compounds

SATIN: solid compound for satin metal, fat-free, available in various grit sizes, from 120 to 400

Used since the ancient time, the solid compound are used in the finishing all kind of surface; from the most delicate to the most simple, using all different kind of abrasives and wax mixtures. Solid compound are able to make their job with impeccable perfection. You can use them in the traditional manually way or in automatic machine that are able to make the polishing phase without the presence of a worker.